Porta-Rinx now offers a complete package for

A Portable Refrigerated Ice Skating Rink.

Each Package includes an appropriate size chiller, a full supply
of glycol,
Ice-Mat Blanket, Headers, all valves and gauges included.

It also includes an appropriately sized Porta-Rinx kit,
a Bambini and it's very own Ice Mower.

Sizes and Prices
20' x 40' - basic package - $50,000 (includes 20 ton chiller)
30' x 60' - basic package - $75,000 (includes 30 ton chiller)
40' x 80' - basic package - $100,000 (includes 40 ton chiller)
50' x 100' - basic package - $125,000 (includes 50 ton chiller)
100' x 100' - basic package - $250,000 (includes 100 ton chiller)
*85' x 200' - basic package - $425,000 (includes 200 ton chiller)
*100' x 200' - basic package - $500,000 (includes 200 ton chiller)

Delivered & Installed

All refrigerated rinks include a Bambini and Ice Mower,
*Larger Rinks include a Bambini Revolution ...

Note: Add $25 per Square Foot to include, Boards, Bleachers, Rubber Matting and a
Portable Shelter, to help protect the ice from the weather, for Any Size Rink

Affordable Ice Time

A Complete "Turn Key" 50 foot by 100 foot Package! Everything you need to create a Portable Refrigerated ice skating rink, with Boards, Bleachers, Rubber Matting
and a Portable Shelter to protect the ice from the weather.
Includes a 50' x 100' Porta-Rinx kit, a 60' x 120' Portable Shelter, a 50 Ton Chiller with Glycol, chiller comes delivered hard mounted on its own independent trailer, with levelers. The trailer is designed for portability, for moving from one location to another and for storing the chiller for the off season.
The complete package comes with everything you need to freeze ice in 70 degree weather, this package includes boards, with 8 foot netting to help keep the puck on the ice, 50 feet of 3/4" rubber matting, 50 Feet of 4 tear bleachers and 2 enclosed trailers. Note: All refrigerated rinks come delivered inside an enclosed trailer, while the rink is in use the trailer can be doubled into a skate rental shop, concession area, changing rooms, warming hut, you name it ... they're your trailers!

50' x 100' Complete Package

$250,000 Delivered and Installed
anywhere is the US

Cities, Towns, Park & Rec Depts and others,

Get 5 to 6 months of Guaranteed Ice Time!

For a fraction of the cost,
of a standard Brick and Mortar facility.

Own a (Regulation Sized) 85' x 200' Hockey rink,with a 200 Ton Chiller, with Boards, with a 100' x 220' Portable Shelter, with 100 feet of 4 tear Bleachers, with 200 feet of 5' wide Rubber Matting, with (4)
8'x 8' x 28' enclosed trailers, which can be doubled into a Skate Rental shop, Changing Rooms, Concessions area and more ...

Delivered and Installed!

: This package is designed for an outside ambient air temperature not to
exceed 75 degrees, when freezing ice in warmer temperatures, a larger chiller
is required and is not included in price, call Anytime for more information!

The Buyer is Responsible for All Permits and
a Licensed Electrician for final connection.

Accept NO Imitations

There is Only One ...

Vermont Made in the

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