I would like to Thank all the Reporters and News Papers whom have written stories on myself and my products over the past 15 years ... One of the nicest things I have carrying into my future are these wonderful stories, news articles and fond memories, I Thank you all so very much for your articles and kind stories ... if in the future I can ever be of any help, to any of you ... Please always feel free to Call me Anytime.

Once again, Thank you!

Bonnie Seideman - As Smooth as Ice
Geoffrey Gevalt - Inventors Mind always on the move
Raj Chawla - Icing on the Lake
Toby Talbot - From Bambini to backyard Zamboni
James Straub - Skaters Ready to Hit the Ice
Elizabeth Hall - Rink has Ripple Effect
Gregory Mone - A Homemade Zamboni
James Bandler - Barre Inventor has 1,000 ideas, And One Dream
Emily Seiffert - Local Inventor auditions his idea
James Straub - Skaters ready to hit the ice in Stonington

The Times Argus, Rutland Herald, The Burlington Free Press, WCAX Channel 3,
Popular Science Magazine, NESN - New England Sports Network
NECN - New England Cable News

Cap Raeder, if it weren't for you I never would have met Paul Stewart # 22, Paul has been an amazing help and friend to me over the past 4 years, he has introduced me too so many great people, Thanks to you Cap! I can't Thank You enough ... and Paul I Thank You for your friendship ... Because of you, Porta-Rinx 11 years later made Full screen Jumbo Tron @ The Boston Garden during several Bruins Games ... How Cool! 11 years later ...

Again, I Thank all of you with out your little thing that you did, The Porta-Rinx Line ... may not exist, And again Thank you for all your help, words and wisdom's.

Sincerely Yours, Damian J. Renzello

PS Thanks Mom for a Great Idea!

The Porta-Rinx Line ... in the Beginning!

This was 11 years ago ... when I first invented/designed Porta-Rinx, December, 1996

'As Smooth As Ice'
Entrepreneur Turning PVC, Pond Liners Into Skating Rinks
By Bonnie Seideman, Correspondent

    Damian Renzello's eyes light up as he talks about his latest invention.
    He has trouble sitting still - his mind and body are in constant motion and the phone in his Gable Place plant keeps ringing with potential customers interested in his newest brainchild, Porta-Rinx.

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Damian Renzello displays his newest creation, Porta-Rinx.

A couple years later ... Burlington Free Press, November 8. 1998
'Inventor's mind always on the move'
By Geoffrey Gevalt, Free Press Staff Writer
    Talk to Damian Renzello for a few minutes and you understand he's a man with ideas. Lots of ideas. They kind of bubble out of this cheery 29- year-old man.
    "I'm an inventor," he says, using his hands as punctuation. "ideas just come to me. But unlike some people, I do something about them. I like designing them and developing prototypes and seeing what I can do with them."

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A few years later, The Ice Mower was born Burlington Free Press, January 7. 2003

Icing on the lake
Photo by Raj Chawla, Free Press
    Inventor Damian Renzello of East Montpelier demonstrates his latest innovation, the Ice Mower, on a small skating rink Monday at Battery Park in Burlington. The Ice Mower is a modified lawn mower that is used to smooth the surface of backyard rinks and frozen lakes and ponds, making the ice smoother and safer.

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and again, a few years later ...

    Damian Renzello (left) of Vermont and G.G. Thomas of Cathedral City check cooling tubes at the Ice Garden skating rink in Cathedral City before the water freezes. A 7.5-horsepower motor pumps the chemical glycol, similar to antifreeze, through the tubes from a 50-ton compressor and chilling barrel. Renzello invented this portable kit for building ice rinks.

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and a few years later ... Associated Press, June 2006
as seen in, Popular Science Magazine - March issue, 2007 - Page 69
From Bambini to Backyard Zamboni

Photo and Article by Toby Talbot, Associated Press
Damian Renzello demonstrates his Bambini Revolution ice resurfacer at his home in East Montpelier. The machine is designed to keep outdoor ice surfaces at top level. He has mounted a snow blower on the front of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, added an ice scraper blade underneath and mounted a water tank connected to pipes and hoses that lay down a film of water to create a glass-like finish to outdoor ice.

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Photo by James Straub
The Ellsworth American,
December 8, 2005

Skaters Ready to Hit the Ice in Stonington
by James Straub
STONINGTON -- Many may have shuddered as hints of frigid winter temperatures hit town this week, but for skating enthusiasts it's time to let the freezing begin.

While skaters throughout the county daydreamed of clear ice on their favorite ponds, volunteers in Stonington gathered Saturday to install the island's first portable skating rink.

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January 18, 2002

Rink Has Ripple Effect
by Lizabeth Hall, Courant Staff Writer
SOMERS -- Just hours after the new portable ice skating rink had been laid out on the Field Park softball field, two parks and recreation employees from Enfield drove by to check it out.

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Think 'rink'

BARRE -- Recreation officials in Barre Town soon hope to add outdoor skating to the list of activities they offer local residents.

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Times-Argus Advertisement

Skating Rink Volunteers Needed

Brr, it's cold outside! Yep, it's that time of year again!!For the past several years now, the Barre Town Recreation Department has greeted the winter season with an outdoor ice skating rink behind...

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