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For many years, people have used coffee cans and cut the tops off milk and juice containers to store and use miscellaneous nails, screws and other important items around the home and shop.

NOW, My Work Buddy replaces all that!

       My Work Buddy is the
complete hardware organizer and carrier.

The My Work Buddy unit is designed to organize 1" - 4" sheetrock screws, finishing nails, rough nails, plumbing fittings, and much more. My Work Buddy is truly a perfect tool for everyone. 

From home owners, to handy persons, to large commercial contractors, My Work Buddy can help anyone stay organized, and even provide that extra set of hands when needed.

My Work Buddy is made of 128 grams of recycled, high-density, polyethylene. It is completed with belt clip made of a sturdy plastic so you can fasten it to your waist and take it anywhere!

The clip allows for easy and safe hands free carrying, and can be mounted on either side to accommodate righties or lefties. The convenient,  waterproof, easy access container, will save hours of labor time by keeping necessary items safely at you fingertips.

Besides being the ideal hardware organizer and carrier, My Work Buddy is a great tool for painting. The My Work Buddy container clipped to your waist, allows transport of nearly forty-eight ounces of paint to the top of a ladder while leaving your hands free for safety. The opening in My Work Buddy is large enough for brushes up to 4 inches in width, or even trim rollers. The only thing easier is if My Work Buddy could do the painting for you.

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