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My Work Buddy can help get your tools and other job necessities from place to place. The handy six-pack carrier allows you to carry all kinds of items in a convenient compact package.

This is very economical for the handyman or general contractor who will need to transport several types of screws, nails and tools in and out of a job site. The combination of  the My Work Buddy containers and the six-pack carrier is ideal for contractors, maintenance crews, hobbyist or home owners. The six-pack unit is also stackable for easy storage.

The My Work Buddy shelf unit is designed for the contractor, plumber, electrician, roofer and home owner. It can be installed in vans, trailers, shops and garages. Multiple units, in a sturdy plastic shelving unit, will help you organize all of your screws and nails.

Keep one for each of the sizes of screws and nails you commonly use. The shelving kit makes it easy for yourself or a work crew to find the necessary fasteners quickly and provide a convenient way to take them along to any job site.


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