For a GLASS LIKE ice skating surface!

For all of you who have experienced ice resurfacing with a hose ... You are going to
Love The Bambini ...
Simply fill it with hot water, walk it or tow it to your ice,
connect the water pipes and drag mat, turn the water on and let it go!

I figured if somebody invented a Baby Zamboni,
They would call it a "Bambini"... Right!

The Bambini ice resurfacing machine will
resurface ANY ice skating rink surface with ease ...
NO MORE Spraying and NO MORE Frozen Hoses!

GREAT for Ponds and Lakes ...

The Bambini™ ice resurfacing machine is one of the tools
you will need, along with the Ice Mower, to maintain Great Ice
all winter ... weather permitting! 

Simply fill The Bambini with hot water, bring it to your ice,
connect the water pipes and drag mat and let it go ...

Again, No More Spraying
and No More frozen hoses.

The Bambini makes it Quicker and Easier to maintain
your Porta-Rinx - portable ice skating rink,
or any other outdoor ice skating rink surface.


The Bambini is available in four different sizes,

Sizes & Prices

* 30 Gallon walk behind model - $895.00
(designed for a 30' by 60' skating surface)

* 50 Gallon walk or tow behind model - $995.00
(designed for a 50' by 100' skating surface)

* 100 Gallon tow behind model - $1,095.00
(designed for a 100' by 100' skating surface)

* 200 Gallon tow behind model - $1,495.00
(designed for a 100' by 200' skating surface)

(add 20% for shipping -- 10% within New England)


Accept NO imitations!

There is only One

The Bambini is Vermont Made, in the USA.

If you ever have any questions Please call or write anytime ...

Sincerely yours, Damian J. Renzello
and The Porta-Rinx Line ...

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